Overcoming the challenges of tail spend statements of work

This guide looks at tail spend statement of work engagements and how businesses can use technology to overcome some common challenges.

The big problem with small statement of work engagements

This guide looks at what the SOW is and how smarter technology can help improve the management of this critical resourcing model.

How to use SOW engagements to get work done differently

using statements of work (SOW) engagements with a network of smaller suppliers and service providers to get things done differently is an exciting alternative work delivery model

How to engage a large network of tailspend SOW suppliers

Learn how to understand, segment and nurture relationships with a large network of suppliers using a tailspend SOW platform

What is tailspend SOW software?

Understand what tailspend SOW is, what functionality it includes and how you can use it to improve your management of tail spend SOW engagements.

Don’t let IR35 slow you down: The scalable solution for getting work done

Amidst the IR35 confusion and upheaval, how are you answering the biggest question facing your business - How are you going to get work done?

What is a tail spend SoW engagement?

What exactly is a tail spend statement of work (SoW) engagement? What do they involve? Who manages them? What are the benefits?

Improving Long Tail SoW Supplier Performance Management

Learn about the significant benefits of applying supply chain best practices to managing the performance of your long tail of SoW suppliers